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Cell-Based Assays: Getting Back to Basics

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Personalized Medicine News -- ScienceDaily

New developments in personalized medicine.
  • Most commonly mutated gene in all cancers revealed
    For the past fifteen years, cancer researchers have been using DNA sequencing technology to identify the gene mutations that cause the different forms of cancer. Now, computational scientists have combined gene mutation information with cancer prevalence data to reveal the genetic basis of cancer in the entire population of cancer patients in the United States. The study reveals how common each gene in the genome is mutated within the cancer patient population. The findings could help guide genetic research to develop more effective treatments than presently available.
  • ‘Research autopsy’ enable scientists study why certain cancer therapies stop working
    A new research study turns cancer scientists into molecular detectives, searching for clues for why certain cancers are able to spread and evolve by studying tissues collected within hours of death.
  • Whole-heart computational modeling provides insights for individualized treatment
    To pursue a better mechanistic understanding of ventricular arrhythmias, researchers are turning to whole-heart computational models, which are currently witnessing an evolution of a variety of computational approaches, especially within the realm of personalized technologies. They describe the progress using various computational approaches to address the mechanisms of cardiac dysfunction and issues related to the clinical application of computation-driven diagnostic and therapeutic approaches for cardiac disease and arrhythmias.

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