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Welcome to Cytophorics


Today’s pharmaceutical and biotech industry has seen an increased emphasis on generating the most relevant data possible in the most efficient manner. This has created the need for high-content instrumentation that is capable of handling cells and other assay components in a sterile manner. The Cytophorics technology revolutionizes the implementation of cell-based assays. In a novel multiwell plate with up to 24 sample containers, different cell samples and tissues can be examinated for minutes, hours or days. With the integrated patented sterile liquid handling system it is possible to automate a variety of cell-based assays and carried out high quality real-time vital signals of the probes in real time. Many portions of the drug discovery process which typically implemented biochemical assays are using cell-based assays with increased regularity. This is due to the fact that using intact cells or tissues provides a more in vivo-like environment when compared to biochemical assays, which use purified enzymes. Cytophorics offers a technology, with multiple dispensing capabilities, can deliver the accuracy, flexibility, and ease of use that is necessary for automated label-free cell based assay processes.